Tick-the-box communication


You recognize this? A colleague approaches you to publish a story on one or more of the internal channels as this is important to everyone and needs to be published immediately… it is the last day of the week, month or quarter.

The importance of these messages is most often driven by the fact that there is a KPI on communicating by the end of a certain period. Unfortunately, too often auditors see publishing a story on one or more of the internal channels as ‘communicating’, and agree that the KPI is delivered; they are not interested in the content or the outcome.

Which role do we have to play?

  • First of all, as a professional, don’t fall into the trap of just publishing the story ‘to safe someone’ at the end of the period.
  • More important is to sit together (as early as possible) and understand the need for communication. Advice on what is the best way to communicate, to which audience, using the right mix of channels.
  • Key is to be involved at the moments KPIs are being set. Too often the word ‘communicating’ is used without qualifying what is really meant. Having a seat at the table in the C-suite is essential to elevate the quality of these KPIs and as such the quality of the communication and engagement.

When we are able to help to set the right KPI, we also have a role to play in making sure to communicate with impact and measure the result of it. It requires that KPIs are not just set on an individual or department level, but cross-department to create a joint responsibility to contribute to the company result.

This gives us as communicators the opportunity to show that the C-suite wants its leaders to communicate and engage, rather than just deliver ‘Thick-the-box communication. ‘

Your thoughts, your stories?

Author: Ger Peerboom

Seasoned communications professional with a successful track record impacting the performance of major organizations. Used to working closely with the C-suite and cross-functional teams to realize enterprise goals with the introduction of enhanced integrated communication and branding approaches.

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