Do PR books just state the “bleedin’ obvious” or are they an important part of your career development?

Everyone agrees that it is important to keep learning in PR, but are books really that useful? Here industry chiefs discuss the value of PR books, and offer suggestions as to what you should have on your bookshelves.

Read the full article at PRMoments190316-Bookshelf Ger Peerboom

My contribution:

Books play a vital part in gathering information says Ger Peerboom, strategic communications leader: “A bookshelf full of PR books inspires me when looking to find a solution or direction. They then end up next to my computer as part of a journey of deep diving to find out more about the subject.

“It also works the other way around. When I read a blogpost, I go to my bookshelf to see what I’ve got on the subject. I take out the book and start reading it again and have a look at the notes I made before.”


Author: Ger Peerboom

Seasoned communications professional with a successful track record impacting the performance of major organizations. Used to working closely with the C-suite and cross-functional teams to realize enterprise goals with the introduction of enhanced integrated communication and branding approaches.

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